Conscious Data Center offers World Class Data Center Solutions Consultation Teams led by renowned, 30 Year data center engineering expert, Ken Choi, holder of 30 technology patents.

CDC offers expert consultations in 10 key areas that can help solve your data problems and secure your network at a highly competitive price
  1. Data Center Design
  2. Systems Design
  3. Operating System Installation
  4. Top Global Network Architecture Expertise and Software Defined Network
  5. Venture-Backed Consultations
  6. Network Architecture Knowledge enables tight security of your network
  7. Higher than standard rack density solutions
  8. AWS Integration
  9. Lower PUE or lowering your data center power cost
  10. Other tailored solutions
Frequent customer questions CDC can solve include:

1.      Water Cooled Servers
Conscious Data Centers' proprietary cooling technology most often avoids the need for water cooled servers, saving you significantly on your total technology costs.  Contact us today for a quote or consultation.


2.      Unique Space / Power Requirements 

Conscious Data Centers' Proprietary Patented technology can reduce your space requirements.  Contact us today for unique requirements.


3.      Housing Supercomputers

Looking for non-traditional power and cooling methods? Conscious Data Centers' experience with public companies and patented "Orthoganal Cooling" technology can help.  Contact us for a consultation.